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Hong Kong

Best Practices in Transport

Aviation – Fujitsu are dedicated to helping the aviation industry overcome its challenges. Our collaborative and proactive nature to meet the industry’s needs enables operators to deliver an ever-improving passenger experience, whilst at the same time keeping daily operations running efficiently.

Our substantial experience working with some of the world’s largest airports have led to the development of high speed, robust and flexible network infrastructures to connect every aspect of life in the airport. We understand the importance of secure and robust storage solutions to first class customer service such as reservation, ticketing, boarding and payment data requires. Fujitsu aims to deliver storage capabilities to enable aviation operator to improve reliability and ensure 24 hour operations.

Road & Rail - Fujitsu aims to be the trusted partner in the road and railway transport by providing innovative and reliable transportation ICT solutions to deliver greater efficiency. We are at the forefront of digital citizen engagement.

Using our ICT technology, transport agencies are able to meet the challenges they face in maintaining access and administration for road users. The road and rail transport are expected to enhance the passenger experience and provide real time information passengers. With location based services, such as SPATIOWL, Fujitsu is enabling better road and railway transport.