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Why choose Fujitsu for your RFID and Sensor Solution?

One-Stop Solution with Fujitsu RFID and Sensor Technology

You can rely on us for a one-stop solution which ranges from RFID tags and readers to middleware and software. In fact, we are the only company to combine the full technology portfolio with system integration expertise and global support capabilities, ensuring rapid answers to your individual AIT project challenges.

Innovative Technologies such as 64KByte RFID Tag

We have the capability of customizing  solutions in accordance with your requirements. As is proven by our world's highest capacity 64KByte RFID tag, we propose, design, develop and manufacture what you need. We satisfy your needs by maximizing cutting-edge technologies based on our long established research and development capabilities.

Worldwide Support

Even though your branches may be spread throughout the world, we offer worldwide support based on our global network. We currently have hundreds of branches covering 60+ countries and multiple partners in each region so that you can receive prompt repair of devices or call our helpdesk which will offer support in a familiar language.

Worldwide support

Abundant Experience in development of new technologies and systems

We not only offer a variety of customized tags, and the development of handheld and fixed readers, Fujitsu has made millions of information systems throughout the world from small businesses to large scale social infrastructures. Fujitsu has been selected and has delivered AIT solutions, with RFID and sensor technology, currently used in the aerospace industry which requires high quality and rigorous safety standards.