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ETERNUS Tape Libraries - Features

ETERNUS Tape libraries individually and in cooperation with software offer the following features.
Supported products are shown on each feature page.

High Performance and High Reliability

  • LTO Ultrium - High-capacity, high-speed open-format technology
  • LTO Ultrium Format - Highly reliability based on the advanced LTO Ultrium technology
  • LTO-CM (Cartridge Memory) - Included as standard with all Ultrium tape cartridges

Operability and Flexibility

  • CAS (Cartridge Access Station) for improved tape-cartridge mounting/dismounting
  • Loadable and unloadable cartridges with magazines
  • Mailslot Mechanism enables simple real-time cartridge tape insertion and ejection
  • Two styles of GUI-based management console Operator Panel/Remote Panel
  • Logical Library function (option) - Tape library sharing among OSs
  • LTFS (Linear Tape File System) - The data accessibility is improved


  • Tape Library encrypts data autonomously - LTO Ultrium tape systems provide a hardware encryption function
  • Encryption Key management via the ETERNUS LT tape libraries
  • WORM (Write Once Read Many) Function Data tampering prevention and original content retention