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ThyssenKrupp Elevator Asia Pacific

Unparalleled performance improvement as a result of Fujitsu's On-demand SAP hosting services



  • Manufacturing

Offering Groups:

  • Consulting
  • Managed Services
  • Servers
  • Storage

Solution Areas:

  • Fujitsu Cloud
  • Legacy Migration
  • Enterprise Resource Planning


  • Hong Kong


  • In-house IT infrastructure was unable to cope with growth in data and user demand
  • Additional infrastructure investment led to overloading during daily operations
  • Internal IT team was unable to maintain fixes and the system was not prepared for potential disasters
  • Low satisfaction rate among internal users due to slow SAP system response and poor storage performance


  • Unparalleled performance improvement of 30 to 50 percent
  • Efficient transition from legacy operating system to Fujitsu's high-performance virtualization platform took less than four months
  • A well-defined capacity planning and roadmap for three to five years to flexibly upgrade the system to meet future business needs and increasing user numbers
  • Able to manage the projection of IT budget with flexible cost structure
  • Reduced hardware maintenance costs
  • One-stop shop consultancy that fit the business needs of ThyssenKrupp Elevator Asia Pacific
  • Reliability, availability, service quality and user experience are greatly enhanced

The customer

ThyssenKrupp Elevator is one of the world's largest manufacturers and operators of passenger transportation systems, with customers in more than 150 countries. As one of the world’s leading elevator companies, it offers innovative and energy-efficient products such as passenger and freight elevators, escalators and moving walks, passenger boarding bridges, stair and platform lifts as well as tailored service solutions.

Headquartered in Germany, ThyssenKrupp Elevator Asia Pacific is the regional office supporting business operations in China and Korea, with a dense network of offices and branches offering installation, modernization and service businesses for its complete product range. In addition, the APAC region runs major manufacturing operations, with factories in various provinces in China, India and Korea.

The Challenge

ThyssenKrupp Elevator's in-house IT infrastructure was becoming overwhelmed by an influx of data following a surge in demand for its solutions. Additional investment was made to bolster the existing infrastructure, but the old system environment was unable to adapt, could no longer optimize performance and was unprepared for potential disaster situations. Eventually it became overloaded by the daily operation of approximately 600 users in China and Korea. A combination of slow SAP system response and poor storage performance also contributed to a low satisfaction rate among internal users.

Seeking a replacement which offered the ability to scale out and cope with further anticipated demand, ThyssenKrupp Elevator actively sought a new solution which could support data growth and operational demands in APAC for the next three to five years, while maintaining a high-standard and stable performance with reliable and responsive ongoing support.

"Our systems were unable to effectively catch up with the expansion of our business in APAC. In our industry we pride ourselves on efficiency, but without a smooth-working IT infrastructure how can we confidently perform and deliver to customers in time? The old system also created friction among users and internal IT staff, who were overstretched trying to solve the problem. So we were keen to find a reliable partner to help us with this situation," said Fergus Tooher, Vice President, Information Technology, ThyssenKrupp Elevator AG, Asia Pacific.

The Solution

Impressed by Fujitsu's one-stop solution spanning consultancy and system design to migration and on-going maintenance, ThyssenKrupp Elevator started cooperation with Fujitsu for its APAC operations in 2013.

Collaboration began when Fujitsu consulted ThyssenKrupp Elevator on SAP migration, to move from a legacy UNIX-based operating system to virtual platforms underpinned by Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers and ETERNUS storage systems which offered high availability design, Disaster Recovery and operational services.

Round the clock on-site management from Fujitsu at ThyssenKrupp Elevator's Asia Pacific headquarters in Hong Kong saved them the hassle and resources of migrating its system at the initial stage. A dedicated service delivery team from Fujitsu was assigned to review the service levels for the customer on a regular basis, providing day-to-day administration and maintenance services on SAP, as well as keeping track of the helpdesk's response rate and user satisfaction.

Once the migration was complete Fujitsu went on to provide on-demand SAP hosting services to support ThyssenKrupp Elevator's Asia Pacific operations by hosting a private cloud infrastructure with a flexible cost model.

The Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution hosted in Fujitsu's world-class data centre in Hong Kong serves as a regional hub, enabling ThyssenKrupp Elevator to consolidate its applications and centralize the management of factories in multiple locations efficiently.

Fujitsu also provides managed services with ITIL standards including SLA management, capacity management, change management, incident management, problem management, helpdesk; system monitoring and data centre operations to ensure the quality of service is maintained as expected. The services can be scaled up depending on demand.

"We were impressed by the comprehensive services offered by Fujitsu and the responsiveness and attention-to-detail provided by their services team. Throughout the whole process we are confident that we are in capable hands," said Tooher.

The Benefits

Fujitsu was able to clearly identify the issues that ThyssenKrupp Elevator faced and provided customized solutions. By migrating the SAP database and application environment to Fujitsu's system platform based on PRIMERGY servers, ETERNUS storage systems and Fujitsu hosting services, the customer experienced an unparalleled performance improvement by 30 to 50 percent. This also led to enhanced reliability, availability, service quality and user experience.

In addition, Fujitsu ensured a seamless transition from the legacy operating system to the high-performance virtual platforms within four months and with minimal downtime. This efficient migration enabled ThyssenKrupp Elevator to resume production capabilities ahead of schedule.

Fujitsu's business model charges per SAP IaaS user subscription, then on-demand for any additional resources. Shifting storage costs from cap-ex to op-ex offers ThyssenKrupp Elevator a greater degree of flexibility for upgrading in the future. This will prove essential as it foresees user growth in double in three to five years across APAC. ThyssenKrupp Elevator can also manage projections for IT budgets using the flexible cost structure offered by Fujitsu.

The IaaS cloud model, backed by Fujitsu's on-site management and ongoing infrastructure support services, enables ThyssenKrupp Elevator to reduce the impact of high hardware maintenance costs suffered in the past.



"When we first brought Fujitsu on board, we weren't sure if a migration project of this magnitude could be completed smoothly and on schedule. We were surprised how efficiently they were able to fix our problems and we were very impressed by the insights and out-of-the-box thinking offered by their consultants. During the whole process Fujitsu's attention to the user experience was paramount and was demonstrated by the impressive user satisfaction and performance results," said Tooher.

The system improvements experienced by ThyssenKrupp Elevator will have a positive impact on all of its operations throughout Asia Pacific and will contribute to more efficient production, logistics and internal management. Even now, as Fujitsu and ThyssenKrupp Elevator further strengthen their partnership, Fujitsu is looking for new ways to improve system performance and enhance the experience for end users.

"Our team is 'elevated' by the chance to continue working with ThyssenKrupp Elevator. As a regional and global leader of IT solutions we can offer comprehensive and cost-effective services to ThyssenKrupp Elevator for the long term" said Derek Yiu, General Manager, Solutions and Services Business, Fujitsu Hong Kong.

"Thanks to Fujitsu's trusted partnership, we can be confident in maintaining our position as a leader in passenger transportation systems with no further disruption to production and supply. We are now better able to serve our existing customers and in a much better position to acquire new business partnerships," concluded Tooher.

About Fujitsu Hong Kong

Fujitsu Hong Kong is a leading ICT solutions and services provider that creates value for customers through highly reliable and environmentally friendly ICT offerings. With 50 years of experience in Hong Kong, and as part of the Fujitsu Group – a global family of ICT infrastructure experts – the company has been leveraging innovation and technology in its flexible response to the unique needs of each customer. As the hub and gateway for customers exploring business opportunities in and out of China and the Asia Pacific region, Fujitsu Hong Kong is also committed to developing long-term partnerships with its customers. Our major customers include the Government of HKSAR, Cathay Pacific Airways, PCCW, KGI Asia Limited, CITIC Securities International, Modern Terminals Limited, Octopus, One Media Group, CHI Residences, Watami International Limited, Pacific Coffee Company, ThyssenKrupp Elevator and more. For more information, please visit

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