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Principal Insurance

Making Data Access Unbreakable

"The SAN solution offered by Fujitsu completely meets our requirements with high stability, scalability and reliability."

Principal Insurance

Principal Insurance Company (HK) Limited provides trustee, administration and investment management services for MPF products and retirement schemes in Hong Kong. It is a member company of the Principal Financial Group which is the largest provider of 401(k) plan in US (a pension scheme similar to MPF), managing more than 40,000 pension schemes with more than 13 million customers worldwide.


  • Insurance

Offering Groups:

  • Computing Products

Solution Areas:

  • Systems & Network Management


  • Hong Kong


  • Deal effectively with dramatic changes in volume of data
  • Reduce revenue loss incurred from downtime
  • Provide the best MPF services to the customers


  • Increased data storage by 5 times with SAN solution
  • Enhanced overall system performance

The Challenge

In today's electronic era, information is the lifeblood of MPF industry. Having the specialties in retrieving, monitoring, analysing and presenting information is strategically important to business. This is specially significant before the launch of MPF, when the volume of data increased dramatically within a short period of time. "MPF application forms were submitted just before the deadline, we had to deal with a tremendous amount of clients' data in about two days' time. Thus we need a highly reliable solution to facilitate and secure data management. Also, as part of our services, clients can change their MPF investment combination through the Internet. It should be a high resilience system operating without downtime in order to help provide the best MPF services to our customers." said Cecilia Li, Director of Information Systems of Principal Insurance Company (HK) Limited.

The Solution

Fujitsu Hong Kong Limited has served Principal as an IT consultant since 1996. The SAN solution we offer to Principal provides a large storage management capabilities for processing MPF records as well as connecting other systems to facilitate Principal to deliver its services from a centralised system. SAN's volume storage and fast Fibre Channel interconnected technology help Principal to enhance overall system performance and to deliver a high level of performance, speed and flexible MPF services. With SAN, Principal has increased their volume of data storage 5 times more than before.

The Benefits

Managing data is a necessary and costly exercise. However, by implementing a SAN, Principal can reduce revenue loss incurred from downtime and hence increasing its productivity. SAN is the leading edge technology emphasising customer satisfaction through faster delivery of data. "The new storage system gives us high performance and a lot of flexibility since it allows shared access to data resources for real-time backup and recovery," Cecilia said. Toby Tsang, General Manager of Managed Services of Fujitsu Hong Kong Limited added, "SAN improves enterprises network resources through effective system management. SAN's data staging prevents network to be blocked up. This becomes an advantage of any enterprise which operates 24 hours a day." "The SAN solution offered by Fujitsu completely meets our requirements with high stability, scalability and reliability," said Cecilia.