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Pacific Coffee Company

"Committed to serving up five-star service to Hong Kong coffee lovers and fostering deep customer loyalty, we are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and productivity across all branches. With its unique one-stop shop philosophy, Fujitsu is our trusted IT partner, helping us to build this coffee paradise." Jonathan Somerville, Chief Operating Officer (Hong Kong & Singapore), Pacific Coffee Company

Pacific Coffee Company


  • Food & Beverage

Offering Groups:

  • Retail Products

Solution Areas:

  • Retail Solutions


  • Hong Kong


  • To improve efficiency and productivity
  • Performance of existing POS system no longer met business requirements
  • In face of shortage of talent, the company is looking for ways to maintain its applications
  • To reduce the significant manpower resources and paper usage required in changing the traditional menu


  • A great level of convenience and IT support, which permeates through its entire organization from front end to back end
  • IT expenditure can be managed in accordance to business needs
  • Foster customer loyalty
  • Streamline the internal human resources required
  • Include seasonal and promotional offerings in the e-Menu

The customer

Since the opening of its first coffeehouse in 1992, Pacific Coffee Company (PCC) has provided world-class coffee to satisfy Hong Kong's growing demand for specialty coffee beverages. Each branch is also an urban oasis for customers searching for a moment of peace in their hectic daily lives. As the leading coffee chain in Hong Kong, the number of PCC outlets has doubled in the past 6 years in the city, with over 124 outlets now in operation.

The Hong Kong homegrown brand has now expanded its operations overseas, opening outlets in the Mainland China, Singapore, Macau, Malaysia and Cyprus.

The Challenge

The coffee shop market in Hong Kong is becoming increasingly competitive. Although PCC maintains its leadership position, the brand is constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and productivity across all branches. Its aim has always been to provide customers with five-star service and to foster deeper loyalty with the growing number of coffee drinkers in the city.

In the past, various parts of PCC's ICT infrastructure were either provided by different vendors or handled in-house. As a result, there were multiple owners and points of contact, making IT management inefficient and impacting daily operations.

Within its overarching infrastructure, the POS systems are most critical. Having a fast, efficient POS system is key to keeping customers happy by enabling a fast, speedy front-end service. In 2013, PCC's POS system started to approach the end of its life cycle and could no longer satisfy business requirements. Having encountered various problems with POS terminals from previous vendors, PCC was looking for a solution with stable and standardized performance as well as quality ongoing service support.

At the same time PCC was handling application enhancement in house. However, facing a region-wide shortage of IT talent, the company needed a new way to maintain its applications, ensuring they are up to date and able to meet business needs.

Finally, significant manpower resources and paper usage were required both in coffee shops. The in-house design team had to handle menu updates, including design and production across 124 shops in a timely manner. PCC wanted to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of this process while driving down material cost and paper use.

The Solution

Considering how critical the POS system is to daily operations in store, PCC started looking for a vendor who could provide a comprehensive POS solution to replace its existing system.

Having confidence in the brand name and heritage of Fujitsu, PCC selected Fujitsu to provide a POS system to its outlets in May 2013. After taking time to understand the business needs of PCC, Fujitsu provided a dual-screen display POS displaying customer loyalty information such as card number, cash balance, and point balance for customers' easy reference. The extensive information provided on the dual screen enhances the coffee experience for loyalty programme customers from the moment they purchase their coffee. Moreover, having a dual screen at the Point-Of-Sale is an effective marketing tool able to display the latest promotions or surprise offers such as birthday treats or seasonal deals.

To accommodate the operational needs of PCC, Fujitsu provides the company with a hotline which they can call for assistance and schedule on-site maintenance service to fit around their business hours. This on-site maintenance service minimizes disruption to PCC outlets and saves resources by ensuring Fujitsu comes to the POS system for repair or maintenance – not the other way around.


In addition to the POS systems, Fujitsu is currently running a digital signage pilot test to serve as an e-Menu in one of the most popular PCC stores in Wanchai. With client-server architecture, each display menu runs in digital signage and is controlled by a thin client. All thin clients are centrally connected to the back-office infrastructure via back-end servers. This central management frees up manpower in the coffee shop, allowing staff to focus on delivering the best customer service. It also serves as an extended promotional platform for seasonal offerings to enhance branding and awareness.

By cooperating closely with PCC on its front-end POS system plus centrally-run e-Menus, Fujitsu learnt more about the specific business needs and requirements of PCC, while PCC gained further trust and confidence in Fujitsu's service and offerings. As a result, Fujitsu is now exploring the possibility to provide managed application services for PCC's application updates, maintenance and enhancement.

For example, in order to learn more about customers' preferences and enhance their in-store experience, PCC was looking for an effective way to collect customer comments from a short survey. Fujitsu received the change request from PCC and developed a new database to store survey criteria, enabling the POS system to trigger a survey print-out when the criteria were met. Further changes were made in the POS application to enable automatic printing of the survey on customers' receipts.

"The Fujitsu team listened to our business needs, and tailor made the applications enhancement to our POS systems. A survey being one such development, has been well received by customers, and as a result, we are able to learn more about our customer behaviour and favourite purchases. We are able to cultivate a coffee experience which best suits the tastes of each individual customer with the help of Fujitsu." said Jonathan Somerville, Chief Operating Officer (Hong Kong & Singapore), Pacific Coffee Company.

The Benefits

By deploying both front-end and back-end solutions from Fujitsu, PCC has experienced a great level of convenience and IT support, which permeates through its entire organization.

"With the convenience brought about by working with a single IT vendor from front-end to back-end, our staff are able to focus on improving operations to provide the best customer experience. Fujitsu's team has been dedicated to understanding our business right from the start, which translates into world-class solutions that best meet our business needs," said Somerville.

By maintaining continuous communications with the customer, Fujitsu is able to gain a deeper understanding of PCC's business requirements and provide further support at the back-end in applications enhancement. As a result, PCC can leverage the expertise of the Fujitsu team to ensure that any solutions deployed are the most suitable and cost effective. Moreover, it allows PCC to streamline the internal human resources required.

Fujitsu's one-stop-shop philosophy facilitates a deeper understanding and trust in the partnership, making it possible to tailor-make services and solutions specifically for PCC.



"We started our cooperation with Fujitsu at the front line, and since then, we have developed confidence in Fujitsu as our trusted partner. The Fujitsu team is constantly working with us closely to look for ways to improve our IT infrastructure and provides the best solutions to enhance our customers' experience," said Somerville.

With the ongoing relationship between the two companies, PCC and Fujitsu are now exploring to develop more new innovative applications to improve PCC’s operations. “Our team is excited about the evolution of our relationship with Pacific Coffee Company. As a world-leading ICT expert, we are able to provide a one-stop-shop service to PCC spanning its entire operations from front end to back end,” said Kenneth Law, Head of Business Solutions Applications and SI, Fujitsu Hong Kong.

The POS solutions and applications enhancement can be deployed across all outlets of local and overseas PCC, providing a standardized platform for easy management. By working with one service provider, PCC can adjust its IT infrastructure and strategy in response to market needs more efficiently and effectively.

"We are convinced that with the help of Fujitsu we are able to add an extra touch which helps to perfect our coffee experience. We look forward to working with Fujitsu to blend technological advancement into our stores to foster stronger customer loyalty and nurture the perfect coffee experience in Hong Kong," concluded Somerville.

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