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One Media Group

Deploys Fujitsu PRIMERGY servers for better web site reliability and browsing speed

"Fujitsu PRIMERGY TX200 S3 servers were chosen because it can fully satisfy our requirements on reliability, performance, expandability, quality, professional benchmark results, testimony, manufacturing location and repair and maintenance services." Web Development Team, One Media Group.

One Media Group


  • Media & Communications

Offering Groups:

  • Intel-Based Servers
  • Servers
  • IT Infrastructure

Solution Areas:

  • e-Business/e-Commerce


  • Hong Kong


  • Require a highly reliable server to process large volume of text and graphics, membership data and online services and to ensure failure-free online experience for One Media Group web site visitors
  • Provide expandability and upgrade options to support One Media Group’s strategy of enhancing its multimedia interactive services, such as streaming applications and online videos


  • Significant upgrade in speed and efficiency of web site operations to encourage online subscription as a result of enhanced compute capacity provided by Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® Fujitsu PRIMERGY TX200 S3 server
  • Enhanced reliability and significant savings on cooling equipment enabled by Fujitsu-developed Cool-Safe™ technology
  • Hot-plug functions ensure uninterrupted web services even at times of repair and maintenance
  • Excellent expandability in memory and hard disk drives paves the way for more online advertising by streaming applications or online videos without huge investment in future hardware

Corporate Overview

One Media Group is one of the fastest-growing Chinese language lifestyle media groups in Greater China. With five magazine titles as Ming Pao Weekly, Hi-Tech Weekly, MING, Top Gear, and Popular Science, One Media Group capitalises on China's impressive advertising growth and reaches affluent consumers in key cities across Mainland China and Hong Kong. One Media Group is also exploring various business opportunities online in view of the booming web community.

The Challenge

As web site content continued to grow and diversify, coupled with the expanding membership base and rising demand for online services, One Media Group saw a significant shortfall in processing capacity its original server that ran on Windows NT 2003 as the operating system. Speed of web site applications was not able to catch up with the rising volume of browsing traffic and text and graphic processing.

"We reckoned that if the issue were not resolved sooner than later, when a large number of members browsed the web site at the same time, the server was very likely to freeze and result in a complete shutdown of our web services," said Web Development Team.

Enhanced interactive features on the web site are also another concern of One Media Group, which is committed to capitalise on business opportunities in the booming webspace. One Media Group's commitment to accelerate business growth through streaming applications and online videos translates into an urgent need for a highly reliable server with excellent expandability that supports the Group's web services now and in the future.

"Customer need is what drives our business. Even though every customer may need something different, their requirements often come down to the criteria of reliability, flexibility and performance of IT solutions and services," said Mr James Pang, General Manager, Information System & Services Division, Fujitsu Hong Kong Limited. "With a strong commitment and a proven track record of delivering value to our customers through innovation and technology, Fujitsu is in the best position to businesses looking for reliable solutions with breakthrough performance and excellent expandability to support their business needs that will change over time."

The Solution

When planning for the procurement of a new server, One Media Group set out a list of selection criteria on reliability, performance, expandability, quality, professional benchmark reports, testimony, location of manufacturing and repair and maintenance support. Therefore, Fujitsu PRIMERGY TX200 S3 server was selected because it fulfils our requirements on all of these criteria. For more than 70 years, Fujitsu has made excellence in quality the core of its DNA. Rigorous and exhaustive tests are conducted on a wide range of dimensions before the products are shipped, and PRIMERGY TX200 S3 server is no exception. For example, comprehensive tests are conducted on simulation of component failure, as well as performance of application protocols in different temperatures and environments. Even the switch-on-and-off system of the server is thoroughly tested to ensure reliability of the system inside-out.

The Benefits

Since the deployment of Fujitsu’s PRIMERGY TX200 S3 server, an immediate advantage for One Media Group is that the speed and efficiency of its web site operations has been significantly enhanced. "Faster and smoother online experience will attract more readers to sign up as members and subscribers, thus helping our business grow," Web Development Team added.

When it comes to reliability and performance, PRIMERGY TX200 S3 has also put the customer"s mind at ease. Fujitsu's proprietary Cool-Safe™ cooling technology ensures the data is safe and secure by preventing potential loss as a result of overheating. More importantly, this can be achieved at no extra investments on cooling equipment. The hot-plug functions also ensure there is no disruption to web services even at times of repair and maintenance.

"It is very important to ensure that our web services are available around the clock because our members and subscribers around the world do expect they can access our web site anytime, anywhere," Web Development Team commented. "Even if there is a need to replace any failed component, we cannot afford any shutdown to our web site, which may eventually be detrimental to our reputation. The reliability features of PRIMERGY TX200 S3 server ensure that our expectations would not be compromised."

Cost-effectiveness and efficiency in investment return brought by the server's expandability is another advantage for One Media Group. With the possibility to deploy streaming applications and online videos with memory and hard disk drive upgrades in the future, One Media Group is set to embrace the enormous opportunities of online multimedia business without major investments in hardware in the future. The on-site repair and maintenance services by Fujitsu's knowledgeable and professional team also assures that any issue of the server would be addressed in a timely manner without causing disruption to One Media Group's web services for its members and subscribers.