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Kingsway Corporation Limited

State-of-the-art security and flexibility through Fujitsu PalmSecure™ Biometric Palm Vein Authentication System

"PalmSecure™ was chosen because we believe this solution can fulfil our needs with a very high degree of flexibility that other existing solutions do not possess." - Mr. Patrick Lam, Chairman of Kingsway Corporation Limited

Kingsway Corporation Limited


  • Diversified Services

Offering Groups:

  • Solutions
  • IT Infrastructure

Solution Areas:

  • Security Solutions


  • Hong Kong


  • Require a highly reliable and secure access control system to protect Kingsway's investments and meet insurance requirements
  • Minimise costs of operation and management of the access control system
  • Allow flexibility for customisation of the access control system to meet Kingsway's unique requirements


  • Significant savings in administrative resources that were previously dedicated to password management
  • Fujitsu PalmSecure was well received by KCL users with the creation of a secure but password-free environment
  • Fujitsu PalmSecure was integrated into KCL's IT solutions to provide biometric access control
  • KCL's corporate reputation was strongly enhanced by introducing a state-of-the-art technology to their data centre solutions

Corporate Overview

Kingsway Corporation Limited (KCL) is a leading system integrator and data centre service provider that specialises in full-range IT services from data centre, enterprise and RFID solutions to maintenance support, system integration, application development, project management, outsourcing and training. KCL's client portfolio includes corporations from banking and finance, telecommunications, real estate and property, manufacturing and retail sectors.

KCL is a jointly owned subsidiary of Kingsway (HK) Limited and Hopewell Plastics Limited. Kingsway (HK) Limited has been a technology specialist focusing on specialised technology service programmes provision, chip sales, information communication and e-commerce of semi-conductors and integrated circuit products. Hopewell Plastics Limited is a well-established manufacturer and retailer of interior decorative building materials with more than 30 years of experience.

The Challenge

With KCL's commitment to provide the best services and solutions to its clients and increased investments in its service infrastructure, there was an apparent need for company to upgrade its access control system. Given its unique business nature and specific insurance and security requirements, KCL was looking for more than a conventional or mass-produced solution. The ideal product should not only meet KCL's specific business requirements but also be highly reliable, easy to use and inexpensive to manage.

In view of these initial selection criteria, biometric authentication solutions were the apparent option. "We focused on biometric authentication solutions because we believe that these are more secure than traditional access control products. We also reviewed traditional options available in the market but none of them could satisfy our initial screening criteria, including the level of security, running costs and the convenience of use and manage," said Mr Eric Wong, Financial Director of KCL.

As a result, fingerprint, iris and palm vein identification were short-listed as the final options for consideration. However, the fingerprint option was soon ruled out due to technical and privacy concerns.

"During the trial some users had problems registering their fingerprints. Some others were concerned over public hygiene when everyone has to put their fingers on the sensor, bearing in mind the lessons learnt from the SARS outbreak a couple of years ago," said Mr Wong. "Some users also hesitated in using the fingerprint system because it obviously reminded them of the identification system adopted by the Hong Kong SAR Government. Some also wondered whether their fingerprints would be protected as personal data under the privacy ordinance."

After careful comparison and consideration, palm vein identification was preferred to the iris option for behavioural and perceptual reasons. Users found it easier and more acceptable to wave their hands in front of the sensor rather than staring closely at the sensor.

Another challenge of installing a palm vein access control system is the flexibility for customisation. For a leading IT service provider with specific business requirements like KCL, it is important to have an access control system that would not only ensure the security of company assets and staff but also could be integrated with existing business systems and, even more ideally, would become part of the company's solution offerings.

Mr James Pang, General Manager, Sales Department, Information System & Services Division, Fujitsu Hong Kong Limited said, "With customers' fast-changing needs and diverse backgrounds, the capability of providing flexibility in products and solutions has become more crucial than ever. Flexibility will allow more convenience and practicability for customers in deploying a solution that truly accommodates their specific requirements and enjoying the benefits that the solution is initially designed to deliver."

The Solution


Leverage Fujitsu's 20 years of experience in image recognition and processing technology, PalmSecure features industry-leading authentication accuracy of a false rejection rate of 0.01% and an extremely low false acceptance rate of less than 0.00008% or lower.

More importantly, PalmSecure offers the high flexibility for customisation that is second to none. This is particularly important to customers like KCL that have unique but diverse requirements in access control and other management areas.

"Not only could we customise the product application through simple programming, we could also add our own code to seamlessly integrate the product into our human resources management system,' said Mr Wong. "Instead of purchasing an access control system that needs to be managed separately, we now have a human resources management system that comes with a highly secure biometric access control function. Again this helps us streamline administrative processes and focus on our core capabilities of delivering best services and solutions to our clients."

The Software Development Kit (SDK) of PalmSecure and online support through Fujitsu's web site also made pilot testing and implementation easier than expected.

"Our programmers found the management software very easy to learn and the first version was rolled out in just three weeks. After that we carried out a test of some advanced functions and came across some minor difficulties. These were easily overcome with the help of Fujitsu's PalmSecure SDK Support web site, which provided a resourceful guide in troubleshooting," said Mr Wong. "We had no difficulty at all throughout the implementation of the new access control system."

The Benefits

An immediate benefit of the deployment of Fujitsu's PalmSecure was significant savings of resources that were previously dedicated to password management. "We no longer needed all those tedious processes of password generation, distribution and renewal. This was well received by all our users because we simply have too many passwords in our daily life these days," Mr Wong said. "We don't even need keys or staff cards any more to restrict access to certain areas on our premises. This certainly helps cut administrative costs on these items and enhance convenience in our operations."

Quite unexpectedly, the implementation of PalmSecure also generated more business opportunities for KCL. Enhanced security has now become a competitive advantage of KCL, which leveraged PalmSecure to extend the scope of its solutions to include biometric access control as a system integrator.

Even more surprisingly, KCL found that PalmSecure has helped strengthen their corporate reputation as a leading data centre solution provider that is committed to bring to their clients the state-of-the-art technology. "The implementation of PalmSecure access control solution is an excellent example of our commitment to deliver the best services and technologies to our clients,' said Mr Patrick Lam, Chairman of KCL. "And this is strongly reflected by the fact that our visiting clients are very impressed with the high level of security at our data centres."

KCL also sees in PalmSecure great potential for business development. "The access control solution is just the first step. We expect there will be a continuous rollout in any new upgrade of our existing solution. We will also incorporate Fujitsu PalmSecure in both horizontal and vertical solutions for our clients, fully utilising its capability and bringing this biometric technology into various commercial and industrial domains," said Mr Lam.