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Seminar: "Enforcement of Paris Agreement—Business Strategies in the Era of Reform"

(December 2016)

Purpose of the seminar:
The Paris Agreement, a new framework for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, took effect on November 4, 2016. As more than 190 countries and regions, including India and the EU, as well as the two main emitters — the United States and China — participated in the agreement, the movement toward "decarbonizing" has been accelerating. Leading world companies are developing strategies and taking the initiative to expand their technologies throughout the world. Based on these circumstances, we held a seminar for our employees to respond from a business viewpoint toward achieving reform.

Image: Environmental Seminar: "Enforcement of Paris Agreement—Business Strategies in the Era of Reform"

Lecture 1: "International Movement toward a Decarbonized Society"

Climate Risk Assessment Section, Center for Global Environmental Research, National Institute for Environmental Studies
Seita Emori, Head

Mr. Emori explained that the poor and future generations, especially, will suffer serious damage as a result of the global trend and the forecasted future rise in temperature. He explained that, according to the system outlined in the Paris Agreement, our products and services will not be selected in business dealings unless they are designed to be environmentally friendly.

Picture: Seita Emori

Lecture 2: "International Movement toward a Decarbonized Society"

Green Economy Area, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) (Public Interest Incorporated Foundation)
Yusuke Matsuo, Senior Policy Researcher

Mr. Matsuo said that we have only 20 years left to CO2 emissions cap. He explained the changes in business settings for CO2 zero emissions including an example of electricity infrastructure business of an overseas company, a case of decreased prices for regenerated energy and the start of investment withdrawals from resource companies.

Picture: Yusuke Matsuo

Discussion on effects on business

Seita Emori and Yusuke Matsuo (Facilitators), Green Solution Promotion Department, Corporate Environmental Strategy Unit

The panel discussion covered a wide range of details, including the birth of President Trump, measures against climate change, the introduction of carbon pricing, sustainability brands, and the foresight of overseas companies.

Picture: Panel discussion

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