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Seminar "Environmental Seminar: Learn SDGs"

(October 2016)

Purpose of the seminar:
In September 2015, the United Nations adopted SDGs as targets for the international community to achieve for the solution of social issues by 2030. As the roles of companies are considered important, we have set a goal of contributing to a sustainable society with ICT services in Fujitsu Group's Environmental Action Plan (Stage VIII). To develop a deeper understanding of these movements and strengthen our efforts, we invited Ms. Hiroko Kuniya, ex-newscaster for NHK "Today's Close-up," and held an environmental seminar.

Image: Environmental Seminar: Learn SDGs

Lecture 1: "Importance of SDGs"

Ex-newscaster for "Today's Close-up", Hiroko Kuniya

Disasters resulting from abnormal weather caused by climate change lead to worsening production environments and further to employment issues. Concentrations of populations in large cities, widening disparity caused by environmental pollution and increasing poverty, and frustration over and alienation from the community foster terroristic beliefs. Ms. Kuniya explained the necessity of looking directly at these problems and planning and implementing countermeasures swiftly to stop the vicious spiral toward an environmentally and socially unstable world.

Picture: Hiroko Kuniya

Lecture 2: "Companies' Movements for SDGs"

Chief Researcher, Daiwa Institute of Research, Mariko Kawaguchi

Ms. Kawaguchi described the efforts of the Japanese government and case studies of certain companies that have been taking progressive approaches toward achieving SDGs in Japan. She said that the following two ideas are essential for incorporating the SDGs into business strategies:

  • First, understand "what we should be"—which is required of us—and not "what we can do" before thinking what to do → Backcast
  • Think about what we can do for the needs of stakeholders rather than base decisions on in-company circumstances → Outside-in approach

Picture: Mariko Kawaguchi

She also said that business strategies that contribute to the SDGs are required in future business endeavors.

Lecture 3: "What Should Fujitsu Do?"

Green Solution Promotion Department, Corporate Environmental Strategy Unit

In 2016, we formulated "Fujitsu Group's Environmental Action Plan (Stage VIII)." We concluded the seminar by saying to the participants (employees in the Marketing Division and others) that we want them to strive to expand the development and provision of ICT services so that our customers can contribute to solving social and environmental issues.

Picture: Environmental Seminar

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