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Using Artificial Intelligence to analyze mass spectrometer data Automating a highly labor-intensive process

Shimadzu Corporation develops and sells mass spectrometers for analysing pharmaceuticals, food and beverages as well as air, water, soil and others. Analysis of mass spectrometer data is based on identifying the peaks of waveforms in the data. Shimadzu has been working to improve the accuracy of the analysis. Shimadzu commenced research using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in collaboration with Fujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. in 2016. Using AI, the program has sought to automate the ‘peak picking’ process. In order to do this, the partners needed to find ways to generate training data for the system to learn on, and to be able to convert waveform data into images that the system could read.

“Fujitsu and Fujitsu Laboratories understand the background of mass spectrometry and responded seriously to our special request. Through this three-way mutual collaboration, we are working to automate the peak picking capabilities of experienced operators.”

Mr. Ryuji Nishimoto
Deputy General Manager
Analytical & Measuring Instruments Division General Manager
Research & Development Department
Anaytical & Measuring Instruments Division
Shimadzu Corporation

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