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FIDO biometric authentication in banking application realizes twin benefits of higher security and better customer experience

Online services generally require a username and password for access. Recently, however, the leaking of passwords and the inconvenience of needing to remember multiple passwords have become issues. To resolve them, Mizuho Bank has introduced biometric authentication to its online banking offerings with the deployment of ‘Finplex Online Authentication Service for FIDO’, which is available via Fujitsu’s MetaArc platform. Mizuho Bank also plans to roll out this offering to cover wide-ranging financial IT services beyond online banking.

Fujitsu has a proven track record in building banking systems, and we regard them as a highly reliable company. In the future, we plan to promote the use of biometric authentication in other areas, such as when transferring funds and also in our ATMs and internal systems. We are also considering its adoption as an authentication platform.

Taiji Sudou
Senior Manager,
IT & Systems Control Department No.1,
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

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