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A new way of thinking about strategy

The Swift Rise and Surprising Importance of Digital Ecosystems

White paperBusiness Strategy

The rise of digitally-instrumented ecosystems leads to a new way of thinking about strategy. Fujitsu introduces the importance of digital ecosystems in collaboration with Rita McGrath and Ryan McManus.

Fujitsu and the future of retail

How will Digital Transformation Impact the Retail Industry?

White paperRetailFuture of industry

Values and behavior of consumers are rapidly changing. Retailers need to shift from the conventional supplier centric model to a human centric model. Fujitsu identifies five key factors that have a major impact to the industry's future and proposes how Fujitsu helps retailers transform their business with digital technologies.

What is leadership that enables an organization to continuously innovate?

Innovation and Leadership

Panel discussionExecutive ForumBusiness Strategy

To generate innovation, how can we build a truly human centric organization that leverages the creativity of people? How can we put that into practice at large Japanese companies? We discussed this theme with Professor Linda A. Hill, Harvard Business School, and Akira Fukabori, who leads the Avatar project at ANA Holdings.


Global Intelligence for Digital Leaders

Expert Insight

I - Global Intelligence for Digital Leaders provides exclusive insights on leading ICT trends and their impact on global businesses and society.

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