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Correction Module

Posted: March 23, 2007 JST

ATLAS V13.0 L10 Update Pack U001

This update pack applies to ATLAS V13 contained in the versions listed below and contains fixes for all known bugs.

- ATLAS Double Pack V13
- ATLAS Super Pack V13
- ATLAS Double Pack Upgrade Kit V13
- ATLAS Super Pack Upgrade Kit V13


This update pack is designed to run on Windows(R) 2000, Windows(R) XP, Windows Vista(TM) systems.

List of Bug Fixes

  • ATLAS was updated to run in concordance with Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 7.
  • The following bugs were fixed to make ATLAS compatible with the tabbed browsing feature of Internet Explorer 7.
    • The "Auto Translation" button on the Internet Explorer ATLAS toolbar would not function properly with multiple tabs oen.
    • An error message would appear after attempting to perform a translation when multiple pages were set for the Internet Explorer Home Page.

  • The product was made compatible with Acrobat 8 and Adobe Reader 8.
  • Bug was fixed in which an error message would appear when pressing the All Sentence Translation or Selected Sentence Translation button in the Office Translation ATLAS tool bar after changing the translation environment with Translation Editor (when using Translation Editor with Office Translation).
  • Bug was fixed in which the Translation Direction would return to "Auto" when pressing the "Next" button in "Word Step Translation".
  • Bug was fixed in which Acrobat would crash when the Translation Memory button was pressed during Acrobat Translation.
  • Bug was fixed in which "Selected Sentence Translation" would not function for a section of a text string within a Translation Editor cell.
  • Bug was fixed in which Key Type Translation would not work with Text Editor "SAKURA".
  • Bug was fixed in which application errors could occur from translating long text strings with continuous strings of nouns.
  • Bug was fixed in which the wrong translation memory would be occasionally used.
  • Bug was fixed in which an application error could occur upon startup of Translation Editor.
  • Bug was fixed in which the main window "Server" button would disappear and the Server Translation function would not work correctly after performing "Modify" in "Add/Remove Programs".

Points of Concern

  • The following features are not available upon installation of this Update Pack.
    • The right click translation menu in Internet Explorer 7
    • The Translation button in the Internet Explorer 7 ATLAS toolbar

  • ATLAS is not compatible with the new JIS2004 character set (Windows version-specific characters).
  • In order to install this update pack, you must have at least 32MB of hard disk space.
  • Use the administrator account to install this update pack.
  • The following bug will occur in Web Translation (Internet Explorer) before this update pack is installed in Windows Vista.
    • The ATLAS toolbar settings dialog box settings are not saved.

      Execute the Web Translation registry cleaner ATLCLEANREG.EXE (included with this update pack) for each user account that is experiencing this bug. For more about ATLCLEANREG.EXE, see "2. Extracting the Update Pack" in "Setup" below.

  • Install all patch files included with the update pack.
  • Do not execute the update pack to the application system when any "individual" correction programs have been applied.
    Please contact the provider of the previous correction program before executing this update pack.
  • Reinstall the update pack after reinstallation, modification, or recovery of ATLAS.
  • For other points of concern, see the README.TXT file found in ATLASV13U001E folder created in step two in "2. Extracting the Update Pack" of "Setup" below.


  • Downloading the Update Pack
    1. Create a new folder on your hard disk. The folder name can be anything.
      In the following steps we will use C:\temp as an example.
    2. Click the button on the bottom to display the save prompt screen.
      Select "Save" and specify the folder created in step one, C:\temp.

      icon-download ATL13U1E.EXE (15,864,273Bytes)

  • Extracting the Update Pack
    1. Open the folder containing the downloaded files (C:\temp).
    2. Double click ATL13U1E.EXE. When extracted, a folder entitled ATLASV13U001E is created inside C:\temp. The following files are created in this folder.

      NOTE.TXT…Update pack notes
      README.TXT…Important information to read when using this product and product-specific instructions
      UPDATE.TXT…List of corrections, Update module list
      UPDATE.EXE…Correction application module
      ATLCLEANREG.EXE…Web Translation registry cleaner

  • Installing the Update Pack
    1. Close Internet Explorer and all other applications.
    2. Double click UPDATE.EXE, which was extracted in C:\temp\ATLASV13U001E to apply the corrections to ATLAS.
      When the Windows Vista User Account Control dialog box appears, check that "ATLAS V13.0 L10" and "FUJITSU LIMITED" appear and click "Continue".
    3. Click "Next" and the "Update Pack Application Manual" is displayed.
      Click "Next" after confirming the content.
    4. The "Ready to Install the Program" window appears. Click "Install".
    5. The correction module begins to install. When finished, "InstallShield Wizard Complete" appears. Click the "Finish" button.
    6. To translate using Acrobat/Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Office, re-setup Acrobat Translation and Microsoft Office Translation. Click the Windows "Start" button, and select "Programs" -> "ATLAS V13.0" -> "Tool" -> "Setup Application Translation". Check the applications you wish to use, and click "OK".
    7. For Windows Vista users, perform the following.
      Login to each user account on the machine that this update pack was installed and execute the Web Translation registry cleaner ATLCLEANREG.EXE (found in the folder titled ATLASV13U001E). Also, see "Points of Concern" above.

The ATLAS update pack setup is complete. After updating, you may delete files and folders created in C:\temp\ATLASV13U001E and any files or folders in this registry. However, NOTE.TXT, README.TXT and UPDATE.TXT contain information about the update. View the contents before deleting.

Customer Support

For questions and inquiries in English about this update pack (downloading, setup, etc.), please send mail to the following address: