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Correction Module

Posted: January 7, 2005 JST

ATLAS V11.0 L10 Update Pack U001

This update pack applies to the following products and contains fixes for all known bugs.

  • ATLAS Double Pack V11
  • ATLAS Double Pack Upgrade Kit V11
  • ATLAS Super Pack V11
  • ATLAS Super Pack Upgrade Kit V11


This update pack is designed to run on Windows(R) 2000, Windows(R) XP systems.

Notes on Applying the Update Pack

  • Apply all the correction files offered with the update pack. (If some of the files are not applied, the program may not function correctly.)
  • Do not execute the update pack to the application system when any individual correction programs have been applied. Please contact the provider of the previous correction program before executing this update pack.
  • This update should be activated by a user with administrator status.
  • When "Change" or "Restore" is installed after the update pack is applied, the updated modules may be replaced. Apply the update pack again after reinstallation, change, or recovery of ATLAS.

List of Bug Fixes

  • Solution to the problem of the translation result becoming abnormal when a specific PDF document is translated in layout translation or the Translation Editor.
  • Solution to the problem of Microsoft Office or PDF files being saved with the wrong extension when opened in the Translation Editor and saved with a new filename in the "Reflected document selection" dialog without specifying the extension.
  • Solution to the problem in certain operating environments of one sentence translation or Copy/Paste command ceasing to function properly.
  • Solution to the problem of the word "the invention" being translated incorrectly when the translation environment is set to "Patent".
  • Solution to the problem in certain environments of incorrect display of word corespondence in the Translation Editor.
  • Solution to the problem of abnormal termination during Japanese-English translation of certain sentences when the unit of translation is set to "word".
  • The ATLAS toolbar being displayed at startup in Excel and PowerPoint even when t is set to not display.
  • The ATLAS toolbar being displayed at startup in Excel and PowerPoint even when t is set to not display.
  • Changes to the URL and mail addresses in the English version of Internet Help.


  • Downloading the Update Pack
    1. Create a new folder on the hard disk for the self-extracting file (ex. C:\temp).
    2. Click on the link below to start the download.
      Select "Save" and select the folder (C:\temp) to save the downloaded files.

      icon-download ATL11U11.exe (4,155,978 Bytes)

  • Extracting the Update Pack
    1. Open the folder containing the downloaded files (C:\temp).
    2. Double click ATL11U11.exe. The following files are created.
      • NOTE_EN.TXT…Update pack notes
      • README.TXT…Important information to read (Japanese)
      • README_EN.TXT…Important information to read (English)
      • UPDATE.TXT…List of corrections, Update module list (Japanese/English)
      • UPDATE.EXE…Correction application module

  • Installing the Update Pack
    1. Close Internet Explorer and all other applications.
    2. Double click UPDATE.EXE to apply the corrections to ATLAS.
    3. Click "Next" and the "Update Pack Application Manual" is displayed.
      Click "Next" after confirming the content.
    4. The "Ready to Install the Program" window appears. Click "Install".
    5. The correction module begins to install. When finished, "InstallShield Wizard Complete" appears. Click the "Finish" button.

Setup is complete.

Points of Concern

After completing the update, the folder (C:\temp) created in step above can be safely deleted. NOTE.TXT, README_E.TXT, and UPDATE.TXT contain information about the update, however, so we recommend reading through the content.

Customer Support

For questions and inquiries in English about this update pack (downloading, setup, etc.), please send mail to the following address: