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  6. Data defect caused by the Interstage Application Server

Data defect caused by the Interstage Application Server

Issue Date: May 26, 2008

Failure Description

In certain situations, data transmitted from the Web client (such as a web browser) to a Java application (Servlet) on a web server, might be destructed during data transmission. The occurrence frequency of this failure is dependent either on the Java application design or the transmission error timing.

Impacted Systems

System Configurations

The failure may occur in systems that use a Java application (Servlet) to control web pages on the server side. (Systems developed in C or COBOL are not impacted)
* : Indicates failure points

  • 3-tier model
    [Web Server]<*> - [App Server] - [DB Server]
  • 2-tier model
    [Web+App Server]<*> - [DB Server]
  • 1-tier model
    [Web+App+DB Server]<*>

Operating Systems

Solaris, Linux, Windows


1. Interstage Application Server V6, V7, V8

  • Interstage Application Server Enterprise Edition
  • Interstage Application Server Standard Edition
  • Interstage Application Server Standard-J Edition
  • Interstage Application Server Plus

2. Middleware product(s) bundled with the Interstage Application Server:

  • Interstage List Manager (Windows, Solaris)

NOTE: The following product is impacted only when an IJServer is created with the Interstage Application Server V6 and imported.
- Interstage Application Server V8

Patch Information

There is a patch available, that addresses this problem. Please contact your local Interstage Support team for details. There is currently no check tool to identify whether your system will be impacted. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that all customers who are using the above mentioned configurations, apply the patch.

The problem number : FS-15436