How can I change the computer for connecting to the ScanSnap via Wi-Fi?

You can change the computer in the [Maintenance] window of ScanSnap Wireless Setup Tool from the computer to connect to the scanner.
Before starting the ScanSnap Wireless Setup Tool, connect the ScanSnap and the computer to be connected via the USB cable and turn on the scanner.

How to initiate the ScanSnap Wireless Setup Tool:

  • In the case of Windows®:
    Select [Start] menu > [All Programs] > [ScanSnap Manager] > [ScanSnap Wireless Setup Tool].
  • In the case of Mac OS:
    From the sidebar in Finder, select [Applications] > [ScanSnap] > [ScanSnap Wireless Setup Tool].

For iX500, update the ScanSnap Manager to the latest version if the icon of the [Maintenance] window does not appear even after you have started ScanSnap Wireless

Target ScanSnap:

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