A firewall warning appears when I connect ScanSnap iX500 to my computer via Wi-Fi. What should I do?

A firewall warning could be displayed for network connection between the computer and ScanSnap iX500. If you failed to connect ScanSnap iX500, or could not start scanning even when you press the scan button, the firewall might be blocking the required process for network connection. In such case, please add ScanSnap Manager to the exception list of firewall. (Refer to the manual of the firewall on how to edit the exception list)

When you add a program to the firewall exception list, the port that the program uses can receive a contact from outside. Before changing the setting of the firewall, please be aware of the risk involved and perform it on the customer's responsibility. Our company will not be responsible for any damage or failure caused by the change.

Target ScanSnap:

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