Existing profiles disappeared from the touch screen after I changed the method for displaying profiles in [Display of profiles]. (ScanSnap Home)

Connect the computer that has been connected to the ScanSnap before. The profile list on the touch panel will display the profiles managed by the computer.


  • When connecting a computer to ScanSnap iX1500, update ScanSnap Home in the computer for 2.0.20 or later.
  • When connecting a computer in which ScanSnap Cloud is used, you will be required to enter the password for your ScanSnap Account on ScanSnap Home.

  If the methods above do not display profiles, restart the computer.

Changing the method for displaying profiles resets the profile information memorized in ScanSnap. Profile information is also saved in ScanSnap Home in each computer.

For details on how to change the method for displaying profiles, refer to ScanSnap Help (Changing Users in order to Display the User's Own Profiles).

Target ScanSnap:
ScanSnap iX1600 / iX1500
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