How can I use [Display of profiles] on the touch panel?

In the [Display of profiles] settings, you can choose profiles to display by selecting one of the three modes below.

  • Selected user
    Displays only profiles created with the computer that is connected with the ScanSnap.
    If the ScanSnap has connected with two or more computers before, a user icon displays in the upper left of the home screen on the touch panel. Pressing a user icon displays the [Selecting a User] screen and allows you to change the user to display profiles.
  • All user
    Displays all profiles created on the computers which have once connected with the ScanSnap in the profile list on the touch panel and the Scan window.
    All users can use the scanner without having to select themselves.
  • Connected user
    Displays profiles in the profile list on the touch panel as long as the ScanSnap is connected with the computer. The profiles are not displayed on the touch panel for security when the ScanSnap and the computer are disconnected.
    Up to 30 profiles can be displayed in the profile list on the touch panel and the Scan window of ScanSnap Home.

For details refer Changing Users in order to Display the User's Own Profiles.

To use [Connected user] or [Selected user] on ScanSnap iX1500, install the update for firmware and ScanSnap Home, referring to the FAQ below.
   Can I use [Display of profiles] on my ScanSnap iX1500 to display only the profiles of a user on the touch screen?

Target ScanSnap:
ScanSnap iX1600 / iX1500
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