When switching user from the touch screen, a message "The device is not responding." appears.

When user is switched to another while [Selected user] is selected for [Display of profiles] on the touch screen, a message "Device is not responding." may appear. In this case, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the [Scan] button on the upper left of ScanSnap Home Main Window to open the Scan window.
  2. A message appears, saying "The number of profiles that can be registered cannot exceed 30 (n exceeded profiles). Delete some profiles." (n represents the number of excess profiles).
  3. Click the [OK] button to display the [Delete a profile] window. Choose a profile and delete it in order to reduce the total number of profiles to 30 or less.
This message appears when the total number of the selected user's profiles and other users' cloud profiles exceeds 30.

Target ScanSnap:
ScanSnap iX1600 / iX1500
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