USB 3.0 connection is unstable.

When the scanner is connected via USB 3.x, please try the workarounds that follows.


  • The scanner is not found.
  • Communication error occurs while scanning.
  • Connection between the computer and the scanner is unstable.


Unstable connection may occasionally occur with some computers as a result of incorrect response from the computer which happens when the scanner and the computer is connected via USB 3.x.
Please try connecting the scanner and the computer via USB 2.0 as follows.

- Scanning speed will not be reduced even if connecting via USB 2.0.

Take any of the following methods.
    a.   Use a USB 2.0 port of the computer if any.
    b.   Use a USB 2.0 cable if any.
    c.   if you are using ScanSnap iX1600 or ScanSnap iX1500, change the USB setting for ScanSnap to [USB 2.0] from [Automatic]. Open
    d.   If you are using ScanSnap iX1400 or ScanSnap iX1300, download and use the USB Change tool below to switch the scanner’s USB operation mode to USB 2.0 mode.

How to use the USB Change tool
  1. Download the zip file from this page and unzip it.
  2. Double click USBChangeTool_*-*-*-*.exe to extract the tool (USBChangeTool.exe).
  3. Run USBChangeTool.exe in the extracted folder.
  4. When multiple scanners are connected to the computer, the [Select Scanner] window will appear. Select the scanner to configure from the drop-down list and click the [Select] button.
  5. The setting window appears to show the current USB operation mode. Select [USB 2.0] and click the [Apply] button.
  6. The following message appears when the option is successfully switched. Click the [OK] button to close the window.
  7. Close the cover of the scanner and then open it again to turn the scanner off and on.
  8. Check if unstable connection is solved.
- For details on how to use the tool, refer to Readme_en_SS.pdf in the Readme folder.

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