Compatibility Status With Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2010

Supported ScanSnap
ScanSnap S1500, S510, S300
Compatibility Status
Software Compatibility Status Required for support
ScanSnap Manager N/A N/A
ScanSnap Organizer
Supported. Apply the latest Update Pack.Download
ScanSnap Organizer
(S510, S300)
CardMinder N/A N/A
Scan to Microsoft SharePoint N/A N/A
ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap™ N/A N/A
Rack2-Filer V5.0 N/A N/A

These issues occur through the Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server linkage function.

Software Known issue
ScanSnap Manager

Files cannot be found if the target search location is the Microsoft® SharePoint® Server installed server.

If a file with a double-byte character (e.g. Japanese/Chinese) in its filename is saved into the Microsoft® SharePoint® Server installed server, the user will not be able to remove it or change the filename.

Site, libraries, and folders of Microsoft® SharePoint® Server become inaccessible if the name of those items has a double-byte character.

Scan to Microsoft SharePoint

When a TIFF file is saved to the server via Microsoft SharePoint Server, the compression format changes from TIFF to LZW.

This is a known issue of Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2010. Please contact Microsoft.

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