Can I use a commercially available foot switch to start/stop scanning?

Yes, you can use a foot switch to start/stop scanning with SV600 using the available shortcut keys (keyboard shortcut) shown below.

Shortcut Keys Description Equivalent Action in ScanSnap
Shift + Ctrl + Alt + F1 Start Scanning Press the [Scan] button
Shift + Ctrl + Alt + F2 Stop Scanning Press the [Stop] button
Shift + Ctrl + Alt + F3 Start Scanning a book/magazine Hold down the [Scan] button for 2 seconds or longer (to enable page turning detection)
  • To use a foot switch, you need to updete the ScanSnap Manager (for Windows®) to the latest version (V6.2L13 or later).
  • To use this function, you need to have a foot switch that allows you to change the registered shortcut keys.
  • Refer to the foot switch manual for the settings or operations.

Target ScanSnap:

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