Is there anything that I should be aware of when scanning a book?

When you scan a book, use the Background Pad and align the center of the opened book facing up to the centering mark.

Please be aware of the following points when placing a book:

  • Hold down with your fingers in the middle of the right and left edge of the book. Do not hold the corners.
  • Keep your fingers straight.
  • Hold down the book lightly so as not to distort the image.
  • When using multiple fingers to hold down the book, keep fingers apart by at least 2 cm (0.79 in.).
  • Do not cover the text or image that you want to scan with your fingers.
  • Do not put your fingers within 5 mm (0.2in.) around the text or image to avoid blotting out when filling in fingers captured in the scanned image.
    When setting up your scanner 512-01
  • Place documents in the correct orientation. Do not place upside down or in landscape orientation.
  • The scanned image becomes fine if a book is opened more flatly.
  • The scanned image may be clear if you scan a thin book as a flat document.

Target ScanSnap:

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