Can I connect ScanSnap SV600 and other ScanSnap scanners at the same time?

Yes, you can use ScanSnap SV600 and another ScanSnap scanner which are connected to the computer. You can use them alternately when both ScanSnap models are connected and turned on. (*1)

Before you buy 501-03

The following ScanSnap models can be connected to a computer and used together with ScanSnap SV600:
iX500 (*2)/S1500/S1500M/S1300i/S1300/S1100/S510/S300

You cannot scan a document with two ScanSnap scanners simultaneously. Before switching the ScanSnap scanners to use, make sure that a series of operations (from scanning a document to linking the ScanSnap with an application) has been completed.
ScanSnap Manager to connect ScanSnap SV600 and ScanSnap iX500 (via Wi-Fi) to a computer will be available on autumn, 2013.

Target ScanSnap:

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