What happens to the file(s) when I scan multi-page documents?

When the PDF format (*.pdf) has been selected:

The followings happen depending on the [Option] settings of ScanSnap Manager.
[Note] This setting is enabled when "PDF(*.pdf)" is selected.

[Multipage PDF (Whole batch in one PDF)]
This saves all scanned pages in one PDF.
All scanned images are saved in a single file. For example, if you scan a 10 page document, all 10 pages are converted into 1 file.

[Generate one PDF file per page(s)]
This setting creates a new file for a specified number of pages.
For example, scanning 6 pages when ScanSnap has been set to "Generate one PDF File per 2 pages" will result in the creation of 3 files.

When JPEG format (*.jpg) has been selected:

Since the JPEG format does not support multi-page saving, multiple pages cannot be saved in one file.

[For your reference]
Enabling [Allow automatic blank page removal] will delete blank pages. The following images may be deleted when using this setting:

  • White documents that have only a small amount of characters.
  • Plain colored documents other than white (including black).

Target ScanSnap:
SV600 / iX500 / iX100 / S1100i / S1100 / S1300i / S1300 / S1500 / S1500M / S300 / S300M / S510 / S510M / S500 / S500M / fi-5110EOX2 / fi-5110EOX / fi-5110EOXM

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