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Compatibility Status With Mac OS X v10.7 (Lion) ScanSnap S510 / S510M

Compatibility Status

This page provides details on the compatibility status of ScanSnap S510/S510M applications with Mac OS X v10.7.

Software for Mac Compatibility status Required for support
ScanSnap Manager Supported Apply the latest Update Pack
This update fixes Issues No.1, 2, 3 and 4 that are listed in the Reference section.
ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap™ Supported Apply the latest Update Pack
Cardiris Supported Apply the latest Update Pack
This update fixes issue No.5 that is listed in the Reference section.
Adobe® Acrobat® N/A Contact Adobe Systems.  [1]

[1]: Adobe® Acrobat® 8 Professional and Adobe® Acrobat® 7 Standard users can purchase Adobe® Acrobat® X Pro upgrade version. For details, visit to the Adobe website.


No. Software Known issue
1 ScanSnap Manager Scan to Folder
Scan to E-mail
Scan to Print
Scan to Evernote (Document)
Scan to Evernote (Note)
Scan to Google Docs(TM)

The following issues occur when any of the above applications are started up from Launchpad:
  1. The application will not close from the ScanSnap Manager menu.
  2. If the application is running, and same application is used/synced from the “Quick Menu”, the operator will not be able to make another scan, and ScanSnap Manager will not close.

To quit the application from the above situation, use the “Force Quite” function of Mac OS X.

2 ScanSnap Manager ScanSnap Manager fails to sync with the OS-bundled e-mail application when the operator either:

  • Click the [Attach to E-mail] button in “Scan to E-mail”; or
  • Select “State a path to a destination folder in an e-mail message” option in “Scan to Folder” and clicks the [Save] button.
3 ScanSnap Manager Scan to E-mail

“Scan to E-mail” terminates unexpectedly when you launch the application from the Quick menu and then you click the [Cancel] button on the “Scan to E-mail” screen.
4 ScanSnap Manager Scanning and “Scan and Save Settings” dialog

Repeating the Scanning and displaying “Scan and Save Settings” dialog may cause the ScanSnap setting inoperable.

Display another application in the foreground once. And then, operate the ScanSnap settings.
5 Cardiris Cardiris does not startup, and the following message appears:

The Cardiris Icon in the ScanSnap Manager “Quick Menu” shows the application as unavailable. The icon also shows as unavailable in the Profile menu and in the application drop-down menu under the “Application” tab of the ScanSnap settings window.

The following message appears when linking to Cardris from the ScanSnap Manager “Quick Menu” or “Profile” menu.