My scanned newspaper is hard to read. How can I adjust it?

You can remove unnecessary background color from newspaper with ScanSnap Organizer Viewer.
This function is available in the ScanSnap Organizer Viewer (V5.1L41 or later) for Windows®.

Once you've started 614-01

The following function can use only when using ScanSnap SV600:

[Remove Newspaper Background Color]

Operations Procedure

  1. Select the file you would like to correct from the thumbnails in ScanSnap Organizer, and open it with the "Organizer Viewer".
  2. Click [Correct] tab and press [Remove Newspaper Background Color] button.
    Once you've started 614-02

Tips for removing background color:

  • A shadow created by the wrinkles of newspaper may still remain. Please eliminate
    the shadow by smoothing out the wrinkles of the document when you scan.
  • If you tick the [Thicken color images] checkbox in the [Image Quality] tab that is displayed by pressing the [Option] button under the [Scanning mode] tab in the ScanSnap setup dialog box, the background color may not be removed completely. Please uncheck the [Thicken color images] checkbox when you use [Remove Newspaper Background Color] function.
  • Please specify the following settings in ScanSnap setup dialog box of ScanSnap Manager before scanning:
    [Scanning] tab:
    • Color mode: [Color] or [Gray]
      Once you've started 614-03
    • Option (If you selected the [Color] in the [Color mode].)
      Scanning mode option dialog box
      [Image quality] tab: Clear the "Thicken color images" checkbox
      Once you've started 614-04
      The [Remove Newspaper Background Color] function may not completely remove the background color when the "Thicken color images" checkbox in the [Image Quality] tab of the [Scanning mode option] dialog box is ticked. To open the [Scanning mode option] dialog box, press the [Option] button in the [Scanning mode] tab.

[Compression] tab:

  • Compression rate: [3]
    Once you've started 614-05

Target ScanSnap:

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