How can I fix the blurred scanned image of the books?

When you mask fingers captured in a scanned image, the contents close to the fingers or covered by the fingers may become blurred. Make sure you do not cover the contents and place your fingers away from the contents when holding down the book.

Sample A
Once you've started 608-01

Sample B
Once you've started 608-02

Here are some hints for masking fingers captured in a scanned image:

  • When the whole finger captured in the scanned image is not detected, drag the white dot line to align to outline the shape of the finger.
  • A finger's outline may not be detected properly depends on where you click. (It is especially difficult to detect properly if you click the white part at the tip of the nail.) In that case, click a different point.
  • Place your fingers over a white or single color background area which is at least 5 mm apart from the text or an image.
  • In the ScanSnap setup dialog box, select "Color" from [Color mode] in the [scanning] tab.
  • Try to place your fingers closer to the edge for better masking. Recommended length for masking is 1 cm or less.

Target ScanSnap:

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