What scanning resolutions can I choose from?

Image quality Color mode
Color/Gray B&W
Automatic resolution
(Length longer than 148mm)
Same as Better
Same as Better
Automatic resolution
(Length is 148mm or less)
Same as Best
Same as Best
Normal 150dpi 300dpi
Better 200dpi 400dpi
Best 300dpi 600dpi
Excellent 600dpi 1,200dpi (*1)

fi-5110EOX2 / fi-5110EOX / fi-5110EOXM do not support 1,200dpi. They support 600dpi.

Using "Excellent" mode may result in the ScanSnap taking longer to process image data depending on your computer environment.

Target ScanSnap:
SV600 / iX500 / iX100 / S1100i / S1100 / S1300i / S1300 / S1500 / S1500M / S300 / S300M / S510 / S510M / S500 / S500M / fi-5110EOX2 / fi-5110EOX / fi-5110EOXM

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