[Save] dialog is displayed when "Scan to Word", "Scan to Excel" or "Scan to PowerPoint" is executed. Why is Word/Excel/PowerPoint not started up?

No Microsoft Office applications (Word/Excel/PowerPoint) are installed in your computer.

When Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel or Microsoft® PowerPoint® is not installed, it cannot display the results of conversion into Word/Excel/PowerPoint files. Install these applications and complete the user registration first.

  • To convert into Word documents, Microsoft Word is required.
  • To convert into Excel documents, Microsoft Excel is required.
  • To convert into PowerPoint documents, Microsoft® PowerPoint® is required.

When Office applications (Word/Excel/PowerPoint) are not installed, the [Save] dialog is displayed where you can save the file(s) under the formats below.

  • Conversion into Word -> rtf file (".rtf" for extension)
  • Conversion into Excel -> xls file (".xls" for extension)
  • Conversion into PowerPoint -> ppt file (".ppt" for extension)

* Make sure to change the file name since it will display the name from when you saved the last file (the name of the original PDF file is displayed the first time).

Target ScanSnap:
S1100 / S1300i / S1300 / S1500 / S1500M / S510 / S500

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