How can I perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition) in English using Nuance® PDF Converter for Mac?

  1. When you open a scanned PDF file in Nuance® PDF Converter for Mac, the following window appears. Select Cancel to close the window.
  2. Click the Convert PDF button on the upper right of the screen.
  3. Click the button Nuance-008 at the right edge of "Convert to:" to display a list of formats to which scanned files can be converted.
  4. Select "Searchable Image PDF" in the list.
  5. Select the checkbox of English for "Language(s) in document" and click the Convert button.
  6. Once the ORC has been completed, save the file.

Internet connection is necessary for performing OCR on a scanned PDF using Nuance® PDF Converter for Mac.

Target ScanSnap:
SV600 / iX500

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