When the scanner is connected to ScanSnap Manager/ScanSnap Connect Application, the Wi-Fi indicator may light up in orange briefly and then light up in blue.

This phenomenon occurs in the following cases. In either case, start scanning after the indicator has turned blue.

  1. When the verification for the Server Certificate on 802.1X settings is enabled, 802.1X re-authentication will be performed to verify the term of validity of the Server Certificate. During this re-authentication, the indicator may temporarily lights up to orange. However, it will light up in blue after a while. Start scanning after it has lit in blue.
  2. The access points may not reply to the scanner when the re-authentication is performed right after 802.1 X connection has completed. This results in the failure of the re-authentication and connection. However, the connection will automatically be reconnected after about ten seconds. Start scanning after the Wi-Fi indicator has lit in blue.

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