Scan to Google Docs™ Add-in fails to login Google from April 20th, 2015 because of Google's authentication method change.

Users are no longer able to sign in to Google from the add-in because the authentication method of Google has been changed. Provision of the Google Docs Add-in has been discontinued.


Message: e-Mail address (user name) or password may be incorrect.

Please refer to the methods stated in Workaround below for storing scanned data from N1800 into Google Drive manually.

  • Workaround
    Save the document to a folder and upload it to the Google Drive via a web browser.


    [Operations on the Network Scanner]

    • Scan and save data to any folder by using the network scanner.
      The save destination must be set to a place which you can refer to via the web browser to connect to Google.

    [Operations on the computer]

    • Login Google with the web browser and go to the Google Drive.
    • Select the file saved in the first step and upload it to the Google Drive.

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