I cannot send out an e-mail.

On the Central Admin Console [Scanner Central Admin Server Settings] window or [Alert Notification] window, press the [Test] button to check if an e-mail can be sent to the specified destination.
After pressing the [Test] button, follow each action described below according to the message that is shown. The messages and their corresponding actions are as follows.

[Scanner Central Admin Server Settings] window

[Alert Notification] window


  • Action
    If no error message appears and the [Sending] indicator disappears, the test mail was sent successfully to the mail server. Check that the alert notification e-mail has arrived at the specified destination. If the alert notification e-mail has not arrived at the expected destination, check that the part of the e-mail address before the "@" has been entered correctly.

Test e-mail could not be sent.

  • Action
    Try, the following:

    • Check that the computer connected to the SMTP server is running properly.

    • Check if an e-mail can be sent to the address from other computers in the network.

    • Ping the SMTP server to check that it and its network connection are working properly.

    • If the SMTP server does not respond to the ping test, check that the system network is functioning normally by pinging the SMTP server from another computer in the network.

      - If it is only the scanner's network connection that does not work, refer to the section "Failure to Connect to a Server Using Its IP Address" of Operator's Guide for further solutions.

      - If the problem seems to be with the SMTP server's network connection, request the network administrator to check that the SMTP server and its network connection are functioning normally.

    • Check that the same port number has been correctly set for the scanner to SMTP server connection in the section "4.10.1 Setting the e-Mail Server" and "5.6 Setting the Central Admin Server" of Operator's Guide.

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