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ScanSnap iX500 Linking to mobile devices (the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Android™ devices) -QA4-

Q4.Why does my computer fail to connect to my mobile device?
  1. Make sure the port number of the computer is not used by another application by following these steps:
    1. Close the Scan to Mobile application and enter “netstat -a” in the Command Prompt window. Check the wireless network router with the computer's network connection.
    2. If the UDP port number assigned to Scan to Mobile (52217 by default) is used by another application, you must assign a new port number to Scan to Mobile.
    3. Change the port number at the [Change Port Number] dialog box.
    Make sure to specify the same port number on your computer and mobile device. You can enter a value from 49152 to 65535 for the port number.
    To change the port number of the iOS device go to the iOS settings screen, open the ScanSnap settings panel and tap the port number area.
    To change the port number of the Android™ device go to the settings screen by pressing the menu button, open the ScanSnap settings panel and tap the port number area.

  2. Does the Scan to Mobile icon appear in the taskbar? If not, launch Scan to Mobile:
    from the Start menu select [All Programs] -> [ScanSnap Manager] -> [Scan to Mobile].

  3. Is ScanSnap Connect Application running on the mobile device?
    Launch ScanSnap Connect Application to wirelessly sync the mobile device to the computer.