ScanSnap Evernote Edition Compatibility Status With macOS 10.13 High Sierra

The following incompatibilities have been found until now.

Incompatibility 1 (Some pages are not searchable)

Not all pages of my scan are converted to searchable when I scan documents under the following settings:

  • Documents or receipts are scanned while [PDF] and [Make PDFs searchable] are selected for [File format], [B&W] or [Automatic] for [Color mode], [Best] for [Image resolution].


Select other option than [Best] for [Image resolution] or [Color] for [Color mode].

Solution date

Not fixed yet.

Incompatibility 2 (Help button not working)

The Help is not displayed by pressing the [?] mark in ScanSnap Wireless Setup Tool for Evernote Edition.


Select [ScanSnap Wireless Setup Tool for Evernote Edition Help] in the menu bar to show the help.


Not to be fixed because it has little effects.

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