When scanning with Xero as the save destination of ScanSnap Cloud, the following release error occurs. (B11Fg098)


The validity date of authentication may have expired. Users who already use Link to Xero will have to sign in Xero again.

Recovery for problem

  1. Select Xero again for Cloud service.

  2. Select Yes to the dialog below.

  3. Input your e-mail address and password.

  4. Select [Continue granting access].

  5. Select [Allow access].

  6. Specify again a destination for [Save to] (otherwise, the default tenant/user will be automatically selected).

  7. Press [Save] to save the profile. After that, press [Retry] to save the erroneous scanned data.


Target ScanSnap:
ScanSnap iX1500 / iX100 / iX500
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