I see the error message "Failed to locate the Magic Briefcase folder" when saving a file to SugarSync from ScanSnap.

The name of the "Magic Briefcase" changed to "My SugarSync" on Nov 8, 2012. If you subscribed to SugarSync after this date, you'll see one of the error messages below when you try to save your data to SugarSync from ScanSnap.

The My SugarSync folder name will differ based on languages. The variations are:

Cloud linkage function 007-01

Error messages for ScanSnap Manager/ScanSnap Organizer users:

Windows® Error Message

Cloud linkage function 007-02
Mac OS Error Message

Cloud linkage function 007-03
Rack2-Filer Error Message

Cloud linkage function 007-04
Clicking OK after any of the error messages above displays the preview screen. Click Browse button and choose your SugarSync folder.

Refer to the website of SugarSync, Inc. for further details.

Target ScanSnap:
S1100 / S1300 / S1500 / S1500M

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