Why is the scanned business card partially lost or displayed in white when I link it with the CardMinder after the scan? (Windows®)

CardMinder 502-01

Please check if "Business card (90mm × 55mm, 55mm × 90mm)" is specified for [Paper size] on the [Paper] tab in the ScanSnap setup dialog while the "CardMinder" is selected for the profile.

"Paper size" is set to "Business card (90mm × 55mm, 55mm × 90mm)" when any of S300, S510, S500, or fi-5110EOX series ScanSnap Manager has been installed on your PC.

If you specify the business card size, S1100 scans the business card as specified from the left side.

Please try either of the following resolutions.

[Resolution 1]
In the ScanSnap setup dialog, specify the [Automatic detection] for [Paper size] on the [Paper] tab while the "CardMinder" is selected for the profile.

CardMinder 502-02

1. After above setting is changed, the whole document can be scanned despite of the place where the document is loaded on the paper chute.
2. In order to use the Quick Menu, restore the above setting to the default setting and click the [OK] button.

[Resolution 2]
If you do not change the [Paper size] setting, set and place the document on the left side of the paper chute.

CardMinder 502-03

Target ScanSnap:

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