What was changed from the previous ScanSnap models? (What are the new features?)

The new features of SV600 are:

  1. Scanning from a distant with contactless scanning technology
    The scanning unit on the head of SV600 radiates light towards the document, and then CCD line sensor perceives the reflected light to scan. In other words, the scanning unit does not touch documents. So you can scan thick documents such as books without cutting pages out.
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  2. Scanning multiple documents at once.
    You can scan multiple documents placed in the scanning area at one time.
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  3. Scanning up to A3 document
    You can scan documents larger than A4 size without cutting or bending.
  4. ScanSnap SV600 and another ScanSnap scanner can be connected to the same computer
    You can connect SV600 and another ScanSnap to the same computer. When both ScanSnap models are connected and turned on, you can use one of them at a time. (*1).
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    The following ScanSnap models can be connected to the computer and used together with SV600:
    iX500 (*2) / S1500 / S1500M / S1300i / S1300 / S1100 / S510 / S300

(*1) You cannot use two scanners to scan documents at the same time. Make sure you have completed the required procedure from scanning documents to linking with the application before switching scanners.

(*2) You cannot connect iX500 to a computer via Wi-Fi when SV600 is connected. Use a USB cable to connect iX500 and the computer.

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