Why do I need a computer with a DVD drive?

The software which comes bundled with ScanSnap is stored in a DVD-ROM. Therefore, a DVD-ROM drive is required for installing the software.

If your computer does not have a DVD-ROM drive, you can install the software (driver) either 1) by copying those to an external media (USB memory, etc.), or 2) by utilizing a download file.

  1. Installing by copying the software to an external media (USB memory, etc.)
    If you have another computer with a DVD-ROM drive, copy contents of the DVD-ROM to a USB memory, etc., or to a shared folder of the network. Then, copy the contents to a computer that you would like to install to, and then install the contents from the copied file.
  2. Installing by utilizing a download file
    Download the software from ScanSnap Software Downloads it. (*1)

Some bundle software isn't available for download.

Target ScanSnap:
SV600 / iX500 / iX100 / S1100i / S1100 / S1300i / S1500 / S1500M

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