ScanSnap Compatibility Status With Android™ 8

Supported ScanSnap
ScanSnap iX500, iX100, S1300i, S1100i, SV600, S1100, S1500, S1500M
Supported Software
iX500/iX100/S1300i/S1100i/SV600/S1100/S1500/S1500M applications
Software Status
ScanSnap Connect Application Works properly except for some features.
Click here for incompatibility information.
Rack2-Filer Smart for Android
(iX500/S1300i/SV600/S1100 only)
Supported by 1.2.6 or later.
Incompatibility (Not response message)
A message of "ScanSnap isn't responding" appears when select "Do not connect" or ScanSnap on the [Connect to:] window.
Press the [Wait] button and wait for a while. The processing continues automatically.
Update Release Date
Not to be fixed.
Unsupported ScanSnap
ScanSnap S1300, S510, S510M, S500, S500M, S300, S300M, fi-5110EOX2, fi-5110EOX, fi-5110EOXM
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