ScanSnap - Accessories

Selection of original consumables, options and cleaning kits for ScanSnap scanners.

It is recommended to use original or approved accessories for consumables, options and cleaning kits, specially designed for your device.
Device failures, troubles and damages arising from use of OEM or 3rd Party accessories may render your warranty invalid and incur charges for repair even during the warranty period.


Consumables Part No. Scanner Model Recommended Replacement Cycle
Roller Set
PA03656-0001 ScanSnap iX1500
ScanSnap iX500*
Every 200,000 sheets or one year (1)
Pick Roller
PA03541-0001 ScanSnap S1300i Every 100,000 sheets or one year (1)
Pad Assy
PA03541-0002 Every 10,000 sheets or one year (1)

(1) These recommended lifetimes are for 80 g/m² (20 lb) A4 sized documents. Therefore, appropriate replacement lifetimes may vary for other document types.


Options Part No. Scanner Model
Carrier Sheet
Carrier Sheets
Carrier Sheets
PA03360-0013 (1) ScanSnap iX1500
ScanSnap iX500*
ScanSnap iX100
ScanSnap S1100i
Photo Carrier Sheets
Carrier Sheets
PA03770-0015 ScanSnap iX1500
AC Adapter
AC Adapter
AC adapter
USA, Canada & Taiwan
ScanSnap iX100
Bag / Case
ScanSnap Bag
ScanSnap Bag
PA03951-0651 ScanSnap iX1500
ScanSnap iX500*
ScanSnap S300 Soft Case
ScanSnap Carrying Case
PA03541-0004 ScanSnap S1300i
ScanSnap iX100 Case
ScanSnap iX100 Case
PA03688-0001 ScanSnap iX100
ScanSnap iX100 Soft Case
ScanSnap iX100 Soft Case
ScanSnap Carrying Case
ScanSnap S1100 Case
PA03610-0001 ScanSnap S1100i
Background Pad
Background Pad
Background Pad
PA03641-0052 ScanSnap SV600
ScanSnap Home Additional License (1 License) PA43404-B043 All models

(1) Although ScanSnap Carrier Sheets have a listed lifespan of 500 scans, the lifespan may vary with usage. ScanSnap Carrier sheets are intended to scan paper documents with weights of 127 g/m² or less. They also support the scanning of folded documents that are as large as 216 x 297 mm.

Cleaning Kits

Cleaning Kits Part No. Scanner Model Remarks
Cleaner F1
"Cleaner F1" Photography Image
PA03950-0352 All models
  • Anion surface-active agent 0.5wt%
  • 100ml/bottle
  • Moisten a dry cloth with this cleaner to clean pick rollers, feed rollers and PAD assemblies.
Cleaning Wipes
"Cleaning wipe" Photography Image
PA03950-0419 All models
  • 24 sheets/pack
  • Use this sheet to clean pick rollers, feed rollers and PAD assemblies.
Cleaning Papers
"Cleaning paper" Photography Image
CA99501-0012 All models
  • 10 sheets/pack
  • Use for simple ADF paper path cleaning tasks.
  • Use cleaning paper with cleaner F1.

Cleaning frequency:
Please keep the device surface and the automatic document feeder (ADF) clean of dust and dirt at all times. It is generally recommended to clean the scanner for every 1,000 sheets scanned.

Do not use any aerosol sprays or alcohol-based sprays to clean the scanner. Dust blown up from the spray strength may infiltrate the scanner interior and cause operation failures or malfunctions. Sparks generated from the blown-up dust and dirt, may also ignite a fire.

*This scanner is a discontinued scanner model.
Please visit the Discontinued Scanners for more information on discontinued scanner models.

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