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FUJITSU TWAIN32 Version 9.18.210

Device drivers, included in the TWAIN Toolkit are downloadable from this page.

Supported Scanner Models

  • fi-4860C2
  • fi-5750C
  • fi-5650C
  • fi-5530C
  • fi-4340C
  • fi-5220C
  • fi-5120C
  • fi-5110C
  • fi-60F


  • Microsoft® Windows® 98
  • Microsoft® Windows® 98 Second Edition
  • Microsoft® Windows® Millennium Edition

Before Downloading - Software License Agreement Required

Before downloading this software, it is required that you accept the terms of the Software license agreement. Read the " terms of the Software license agreement" carefully, before you download the software. By downloading this driver software, you are deemed to have accepted this agreement.
* The driver installation method has changed. Please refer to the following installation procedure.

Driver download and installation

  • Ensure there is adequate hard-disk space.
  • Download the driver to your hard disk by clicking the "Download" link below.
Version 9.18.210 Disk space
[Download] Ft9i5uX5s.exe (size: 23.9MB) 30Mbyte
  • Extract the downloaded archive file.
  • For example, execute the following command, and extract the file to your Hard Disk.

  • [drive:] is the drive name where the downloaded file is stored
  • [¥path] is the pass name where the downloaded file is stored.
  • [¥filename] is the file name to be downloaded.

In case the existing driver still remains, after you uninstall it and execute the following command, please install the downloaded driver.


For driver installation, please follow the Installation Guide. The functions and operation of the driver are in the"User's Guide (1.39 MB )" or "TWAIN driver help". (The "User's Guide", requires Adobe® Reader® 5.0 or later. If necessary, you can download it from:

For technical inquiries, please contact the seller where you purchased the scanner.