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ScandAll PRO Lite Update Software

ScandAll PRO Lite V1.0 Update Pack 9

ScandAll PRO Lite V1.0 Update Pack 9

[Download] ScandAll PRO Lite V1.0 Update Pack9  icon-download SAPLITEV10UP9.exe (31.3MB)

This update appliesto the ScandAll PRO Lite V1.0 Update8 or earlier.
Please begin by verifying which version of ScandAll PRO Lite is installed by selecting "About ScandAll PRO Lite" from the ScandAll PRO Lite "Help" menu. This update will install "Version 1.0 Update 9".

This update pack includes the modifications made byScandAll PRO Lite V1.0 Update Pack 7 or earlier

Contents of change

  • Windows® 10 is supported.

Note :
Please download and install the latest TWAIN driver.

Software change history

Operating Procedures

Be sure you log into Windows® as a user with administrator privileges.

Make sure to enable the icon-pdf Desktop Experience and read the icon-pdf Precaution beforehand when installing ScandAll PRO Lite V1.0 in Windows Server® 2008 / 2008 R2 / 2012 / 2012 R2.

  1. Download “SAPLITEV10UP9.exe”  to the hard disk.
  2. Quit any applications that are running on your computer.
  3. Execute "SAPLITEV10UP9.exe" that you downloaded in step 1. This creates a folder called "SAPLITEV10UP9" in the same folder where the program is stored.
  4. Execute "ScandAllPROLite.exe" which is located in the SAPLITEV10UP9 folder.
  5. How to check the ScandAll PRO Lite version after the update (Perform in sequence): Please refer to " icon-pdf How to confirm the ScandAll PRO Lite update".
  • Now that you have completed the update, please refer to the icon-pdf README prior to activating it.

To view the links of the PDF, Adobe® Reader® of Adobe Systems Incorporated is required. (Adobe® Reader® is free of charge.)