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NOTE: this is an archived page and the content is likely to be out of date.

ScandAll PRO software change history

V1.8.1 Update 7 ( V1.8.1 Update 6 -> V1.8.1 Update 7)

Added Functions/improvements:

  1. The following OS are supported.
    ScandAll PRO works as a desktop application with the following OS.
    • Windows® 8
    • Windows® 8 Pro
    • Windows® 8 Enterprise
    • Windows Server® 2012 Standard

      Note for Windows® 8 / Windows Server® 2012:
    • The TWAIN driver needs to be updated. Download and install the driver that applies to the OS you are using.
    • Use Internet Explorer for desktop application if the Web parts are performed.
    • The installation of the Scan to Microsoft SharePoint may fail when .Net Framework 3.5 is not installed. Install .NET Framework 3.5 prior to the Scan to Microsoft SharePoint installation.

Corrected issues:

  1. An optimum value is automatically set for [Counter Step (Counter)] depending on the situation when the default value of the Imprinter counter is set for [Start with:] under [Page Counter] in the Name Rule tab. The same page number is printed on all pages when the page number is printed with imprinter in the process of scanning as a multi-page files.
  2. An inappropriate message appeared when the custom settings of TWAIN driver were corrupt.
  3. An exception error occurred when the recognition result of OCR contains a word having 128 or more letters and then the user tried to reflect the word in searchable PDF.
  4. An article regarding the barcode detection parameters is added to the Help menu.
  5. Batch-scanning was not correctly performed when the profile of SIPC driver was used by any user other than the user who created the profile.
  6. Incorrect images were output when Split Image was performed via flatbed with an ISIS driver.
  7. The window of TWAIN driver can be closed when pushing the “Cancel” button.
  8. An unnecessary warning message appeared when .Net Framework had not been installed and then “Send -> Scan to Microsoft SharePoint” was selected in the [File] menu.

V1.8.1 Update 6 ( V1.8.1 Update 5 -> V1.8.1 Update 6)

  1. Barcode recognition malfunction with scanning different documents in size Barcode recognition/Zone OCR stops functioning if a sheet partially falls outside the area specified for recognition.
  2. Memory handling issue
    Scanning many pages(*) without displaying the generated images in the File Window results in the error message below before the upper limit (9,999 pages) is reached, cancelling the scan process.

    *The number of pages that causes this error depends on the environment (e.g., the amount of main memory installed, the number of running programs, the resident programs) .

V1.8.1 Update 5 ( V1.8.1 Update 4 -> V1.8.1 Update 5)

1. The update corrects the following issues:

  1. If you go to the "Name Rule" dialog box under "Scan Setting" and change the setting for "Linking up with Imprinter", the software fails to keep that setting the next time you open the dialog box.
  2. A black border appeared on the right edge of the image when the file is saved in TIFF format with G3 (2D) compression.
  3. When you save scanned data to a shared folder, the data/file could not be accessed from another PC. This occurred because access rights to the temporary folder that stores the scanned data locally is carried over to the shared folder.
    • Affected file types for V1.8 or later: PDF/Multipage TIFF
    • Affected file types for versions earlier than V1.8: JPEG/JPEG2000/BITMAP/TIFF
  4. Connecting a peripheral like a digital camera to the same PC that the scanner is connected to produces the error "[SA01020E] No scanner is found".
  5. If another TWAIN application is installed, and you select a scanner through ScandAll, the error "[SA01020E] No scanner is found" occurs.
  6. Changing the Date/Time properties of the PC and then using "Convert into Searchable PDF" or "Zone OCR" in the following languages produces an error or incorrect results.
    • English/French/German/Italian/Spanish/Russian/Portuguese
  7. Microsoft® Outlook® terminates unexpectedly when you set "Microsoft Outlook" as the default mailer and then use the e-mail attachment function under 64-bit Windows.
  8. After you perform a batch scan, the message "Access denied" appears and "Invalid Data" is displayed instead of the image.
  9. If the language is set to Italian or Portuguese, and you set and save the following settings from the scan settings window, the file compression method changes to "Progressive JPEG" the next time you open the scan settings window.
    • File format: JPEG, Color format: 24bit color, Compression: JPEG
  10. Using the ISIS driver with fi-6140, fi-6240, fi-6130 and fi-6230 produces poor JPEG image quality.

2. The update makes the following improvements.

  1. The Help menu now provides a description about how one-dimensional barcode CODE39 can be operated in Full ASCII mode.

V1.8.1 Update 4 ( V1.8.1 Update 1 -> V1.8.1 Update 4)

1. The update makes the following corrections.

  1. A failure in email delivery which occurred under the following conditions.
    • Outlook® 2010 (64bit) was the software used
    • A multi-barcode was contained in a sending file name
    • A character code in the lower byte was 0x7c
      Following 38 characters:

  2. A failure in email delivery occurred with all 64bit mail management software other than Outlook®.
  3. Scanning performance degraded under the following condition.
    • Driver: ISIS
    • Primary: Black/White
    • Multi-image output
  4. A program error occurs while a searchable PDF is being created.
    This malfunction occurs when ScandAll PRO and another software which uses the same OCR engine (FJ-OCR) as ScandAll PRO is installed on the computer. The following conditions result in the program error.
    • Target language is Japanese, Korean and Chinese (traditional and simplified Chinese); and
    • [Searchable PDF], [Zone OCR] and [Orientation Correction] are specified in ScandAll PRO.
  5. The document image is not rotated to the correct orientation.
    This malfunction occurs when any of the following scanner models are used with the ScandAll PRO version V1.8.1 or later.

2. The update makes the following improvements.

  1. The content of the warning message [SA01129W] described the warning message and the occurrence condition in a single message, making it difficult to read.
  2. The recovery function of the BatchScan is improved. (Example: the time consumed from recovering 1000 pages is shortened from 3 minutes to 15 seconds.)
  3. Scanning performance under the following conditions is improved.
    • Driver: TWAIN
    • File format, Compression format, and image type combinations listed in Table-A
File format Compression Format Image Type
(TWAIN driver setting)
TIF As the specified format 4bit multiple (Grayscale)
Multiple (Grayscale)
8 color
256 color
24bit color
JBIG Any image type
LZW Any image type
Packbits Any image type
JPEG Any image type
Progressive JPEG Any image type
JPEG Progressive JPEG Any image type
JPEG 2000 Any compression format Any image type
PDF Any compression format Any image type

V1.8.1 Update 1 ( V1.8.1 -> V1.8.1 Update 1)

The following malfunction has been corrected.

Either of the following error messages used to appear, and ScandAll PRO V1.8.1 Update Pack could not be applied to a Windows® XP or Windows® 2000 PC which did not have Microsoft® .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 installed.

ScandAll PRO must be re-installed from the setup CD/DVD since the previous version of ScandAll PRO would be uninstalled when this error occurs.

V1.8.1 (V1.8 Update 2 / V1.8 Update 3 -> V1.8.1)

  • The following softwares are now supported:
    • Microsoft® Office 2010
    • Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2010
  • The following modifications have been made:
    • Bar-code recognition without enabling the job separation function is now possible, so that a recognized character string can be output as a filename or as index information.
    • Index information can be output in XML file format.
    • Log information such as scanning date and output message can be output in the Windows event log.
    • A function is added which deletes a scanned file as a blank image if its file size is smaller than the file size specified by the user.
    • For a document divided by Separators, additional scans can be inserted before first Separator that follows the currently displayed page. (If there are no Separators, additional scans are inserted at the end of the document.)
    • Image scans can be output in uncompressed files format when the output file format is TIFF and [Use Detail Scanner Settings] is specified for [Color Format].
  • The following malfunction have been resolved:
    • Scanning with the TWAIN driver on the flatbed model does not work properly when [ADF (Back Side)] or [Double-page spread] are specified for "Scan Type".

V1.8 Update 2 (V1.7 Update 3 / V1.8 -> V1.8 Update 2)

  • The following modification has been made:
    • Microsoft® Windows® 7 (Both 32bit and 64bit versions) support
      • Microsoft® Windows® 7 Ultimate
      • Microsoft® Windows® 7 Enterprise
      • Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional
      • Microsoft® Windows® 7 Home Premium
    • Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2008 support
      • Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2008 R2 Standard

      If you are using one of the above OS, the TWAIN or ISIS™ driver needs to be updated. Download and install the driver that applies to the OS you are using from one of the following websites:
  • The following modification has been made:
    • Changed the toolbar icon design
    • Improved the Name Rule function which sets the naming protocol for image data saved after scanning
    • Enabled state saving and restoring during batch scanning
    • Improved the thumbnail window so the separator will display
    • Added a function that minimizes the main window during batch scanning
  • The following malfunctions have been resolved:
    • When the page counter/ document counter on the batch scan profile (which is used by all users) is automatically updated, so the counter data cannot be shared between different users.
    • A blank space appears at the bottom and right hand side of a generated PDF image file.
    • Scanning operation terminates unexpectedly when accessing an image while it is still being generated.
    • Scanning performance drops when a large volume of documents such as 400 sheets are scanned with Multi-TIFF selected as the saved file format.
    • With ScandAll PRO V1.8, scanning performance drops when [Display scanned images immediately after scanning] under the [Scan] tab of the profile editor is not selected.
    • With ScandAll PRO V1.8, scanning performance drops compared with ScandAll PRO V1.7 when JPEG or PDF files are generated while the TWAIN driver setting for front and back independent processing is enabled.

V1.7 Update3 (V1.7 Update2 -> V1.7 Update3)

  • The following modification has been made:
    • Internet Explorer 8 support
  • The following malfunctions have been corrected:
    • From the second batch scan onward, the filename's page counter value is one count larger than expected.
    • An error occurs when initiating file uploads via the linking function of SharePoint® Server, causing uploads to fail, and the error message, "SA06415E The specified folder cannot be accessed" to appear.
    • An error occurs when [Zone OCR] is initiated after opening a 1200dpi image and setting the Zone OCR detection area, causing error message "SA09999E Program malfunctioning" to appear.
    • When Zone OCR is specified to file name and barcode-based job separation function is enabled, files are saved under the same file name if they are separated into batches using the same bar code.
    • In scanner models fi-5900C and fi-4860C2 which are equipped with the pre-imprinter function, an error occurs when the page counter is specified for [Name Rule] and "Linking up with Imprinter" is enabled, causing the error message "Anomaly in the command for communicating with the scanner." to appear.
    • The scanning setting of ISIS™/VRS driver does not change when the additional scanning is performed from the "Page-Append/Insert/Replace-Scan" menu.
    • When the taskbar is positioned to the top or left of the ScandAll PRO window and the program is restarted, the window appears slightly higher or more to the left than when the application was last closed.
    • The dialog box and a few application windows do not display on the foreground of the Windows desktop during FTP server linkage or web parts processing.

V1.7 Update2 (V1.7 Update -> V1.7 Update2)

  • The following improvements have been made:
    • The number of digits included in the document counter / page counter has been increased from 4 digits to 8 digits.
    • Imprinters can now print up to 8 digits of information.
  • The following malfunctions have been corrected:
    • The TWAIN driver error message that used to appear when setting "/NOERR" parameters, while starting up ScandAll PRO, no longer appears.
    • Updated scanners will no longer stop scanning while saving images in 256 color PDF formats after 1 of the messages "SA01032E" or "SA01041E" are displayed.
    • Barcode job separation related problems that used to occur when a barcode located outside of the specified reading area is mistakenly recognized will no longer occur.
    • The problem where PDF files could not be stored into a network folder after a message "SA02999E" appears will no longer occur.

V1.7 Update (V1.7 -> V1.7 Update)

  • Windows Server™ 2008 is supported.
  • The following malfunctions have been corrected:
    • Error occurs if the drive which is used to save the data in PDF file format is different from the drive in which the data was temporary stored.
    • TIFF file or PDF file consisted of the multiple pages which is created by using the barcode separator may not be saved correctly.

V1.7 (V1.6 -> V1.7)

  • Zone OCR is supported.
  • Automatic Deskew for Russian language is supported.
  • Virtual scan in duplex mode with Simplex-scan model (fi-6750S) is supported.

V1.6 (V1.5.1 / V1.5.2 -> V1.6)

  • The function to link to Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server/Microsoft® Office Live is now supported by using "Scan to Microsoft SharePoint".

V1.5.1 (V1.5 -> V1.5.1)

  • The display mode by magnifier is supported.
  • Portuguese is supported.
  • The error, in which ScandAll PRO may terminate unexpectedly when scanning the document with Kofax VRS, has been corrected.

V1.5 (V1.0 -> V1.5)

  • The Job separation function is supported by using barcode and patch code sheet.
  • Orientation Correction Filter is supported.