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Hardware VRS

Hardware VRS4.5 Professional PFU OEM Bundle Patch 2

Supported Scanner Models

fi-6800 / fi-5900C / fi-4860C2 / fi-6670A / fi-6770A


Hardware VRS4.5 Professional PFU OEM Bundle Patch 2 Disk space
icon-download vrs45_PDFpatch.exe (size: 1.07MB)


This patch fixes the problem where the scanner will not produce PDF files of scanned images when the ScandAll PRO is used under the following conditions.

  1. Scanning a color document with [Auto Color Detection] is enabled.
  2. Pressing the [OK] button to continuing a scanning operation while a color or grayscale image is displayed on [Intervention]. (In fi-6800 models only)

How to Use

This patch can be applied to a PC that has VRS4.5 is installed.

  1. Log in as Administrator and make sure VRS is not running.
  2. Download and save vrs45_PDFpatch.exe onto your computer's desktop, and then double-click it. This will create a folder called "vrs45_PDFpatch".
  3. For how to use VRS4.5 Professional Patch 2, please follow the "README (283 KB)".