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fi-6000NS Security update software

Software Download

Please check the below before downloading "fi-6000NS Security updated software".

Operating environment

Scanner Model Part Number System Revision
fi-6000NS PA03544-B001
Earlier than S09-01
Note: If the Security update version is later than S09-01, the Security update is not required.

Downloading "fi-6000NS Security update software "

Click on [Download] below to download the updated software on the hard disk.

Security update S09-01

Contents of change

The following contents have been modified.

  1. Software update for computer security enhancement.

How to update

  1. Download "fi-6000NS Updated Software" on the hard disk. Use the size of the file described above as reference for the required hard disk space.
  2. Execute downloaded file and then unzip the file on the hard disk.
  3. By using "Admin Tool", install "fi-6000NS updated software" which is unzipped by procedure.2 on fi-6000NS.